Oscars 2024: Ryan Gosling’s Gucci Suit Choice

ryan gosling oscars

The Oscars red carpet shined bright in 2024. Ryan Gosling, famed for his role in “Barbie,” was a highlight. He wasn’t just there to perform “I’m Just Ken.” His fashion choice, a Gucci suit, made a statement.

Gosling chose a custom-made Gucci suit for the evening. It blended classic elegance with modern detail. The black suit featured metallic, hand-embroidered trim. This design highlighted Gosling’s sense of style and Gucci’s craftsmanship.

A Touch of Ryan Gosling’s Style

Gosling paired the suit with a black shirt. The shirt had silver piping and was slightly undone at the collar. He skipped the traditional tie, opting for a relaxed yet confident look. He walked the red carpet with his sister, Mandi Gosling, adding to the night’s charm.

Gosling’s Oscars outfit was part of a bigger style story. He has chosen Gucci suits for the entire awards season. These suits are known for their impeccable tailoring. They strike a balance between sophistication and casual elegance.

Ryan Gosling-Oscars Red Carpet

The Significance of Accessories

Gosling accessorized his look with a TAG Heuer Carrera watch and a unique pendant necklace. His watch, a TAG Heuer’s Carrera Plasma Diamant D’Avant Garde, featured lab-grown diamonds. This choice showcased his support for sustainable luxury.

Ryan Gosling’s choice at the Oscars 2024 was more than just fashion. It was about personal expression and storytelling. His style left a memorable mark on the event.


What did Ryan Gosling wear to the Oscars 2024?

He wore a custom black Gucci suit with metallic trim and a detailed shirt.

Was Ryan Gosling nominated in 2024?

Yes, for Best Supporting Actor in "Barbie."

Which "Barbie" song was nominated?

"I’m Just Ken" was up for Best Original Song.

What accessories did Gosling wear?

He chose a TAG Heuer watch and a pendant necklace.

How does this outfit compare to his past looks?

It follows his trend of wearing custom Gucci suits. This style combines formal and casual elements.

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