Top Summer Shoes Trends to Follow This Year

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The fashion landscape shifts each season, presenting fresh, exciting trends that redefine our style choices. The Spring/Summer 2024 season is no exception, offering a delightful array of eye-catching and versatile summer shoes trends. 

What’s Hot in Summer Shoes This Year?

Toes on Display

Fashion takes a bold turn this season, with the exposure becoming a standout feature in footwear. Designers celebrate this often-overlooked part of the body, making it the star of their designs. The market is seeing an influx of one-toed heels and thong-toed loafers. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Versace highlighted the trend, which combines daring designs with intimate, lingerie-esque details.

Elevate with Platforms

The platform trend is soaring to new heights this year. These shoes make a strong style statement, ideal for those looking to add drama and an extra few inches in height. Seen in the collections of brands like Gucci, these platforms range from sophisticated loafers to bold, chunky styles, offering a variety of looks to elevate any outfit.

Casual and Off-Duty Vibes

The luxury of comfort is epitomized in the casual footwear trend, with flip-flops and slippers making their way from home to the high street. Luxury brands like Chanel and Hermès have transformed these relaxed styles into chic, fashionable choices, proving that comfort can coexist with luxury.

Playful Embellishments

Footwear in 2024 is seeing a surge of creative embellishments. Bows and floral details adorn summer shoes, turning them into standout pieces. Whether Erdem’s ground-skimming bows or Chloé’s floral designs, these playful touches add a romantic and whimsical vibe to any look.

Radiant in Red

Red shoes are making a bold statement this season. From vibrant heels to chic flats, red footwear was a prominent theme on the runways, reflecting the popularity of bright red as a primary color trend. Red shoes offer an effortless way to inject excitement into your outfits, ensuring your style stands out.

Return of the Sex Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have evolved from their conservative origins to become a staple in the fashion-forward wardrobe. This year, they have been reimagined with an edge—think slouchy boots and micro-heels adorned with pearls. Designers like Balenciaga and Valentino are redefining this classic style, blending comfort with a hint of allure.

Socks and Sandals

Once a faux pas, socks, and sandals have been reimagined into fashionable statements thanks to high-profile endorsements like Victoria Beckham’s recent runway show. This trend combines comfort with a quirky style twist, often featuring knee-high socks paired with stacked-sole sandals for a sophisticated and daring look.


The hottest trends include exposed toes, elevated platforms, casual chic footwear, kitten heels with a modern twist, playful embellishments, bold red shoes, and the socks with sandals combo.

Red shoes can be the focal point of your outfit. Pair them with neutral colors to let the shoes stand out, or go bold with color-blocking techniques for a vibrant ensemble.

While traditionally casual, the socks and sandals trend can be styled for more sophisticated settings. Opt for finer socks and elegant sandals to elevate the look.

Kitten heels offer a perfect balance of style and comfort. Their revamped designs include luxurious materials and innovative embellishments, making them suitable for day and night wear.

While embellishments add a touch of glamour, choosing shoes with subtle decorations can make them versatile enough for everyday wear, adding just the right amount of flair to your daily outfits.

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